Day 1: Gracious

The graciousness of God feels like a good place to begin our Withhold to Behold journey. Believing that we are loved and held by a kind and courteous Creator is very important as we seek Him in this new season. 

It can be hard, as humans living in a troubled world, to believe that God is benevolent. Many of us have had experiences in our lives that have led us to believe otherwise. Please know, God is not repulsed by our honest confessions, and He isn’t opposed to hearing our doubts and struggles. So, do not hide them during this fast. God always acknowledges and honors what is true. Therefore, we are free to bring our full, honest, current selves to Him this year. No matter what kind of condition our hearts and lives are in at the moment, we are invited to God’s table. You, all of you, are safe and welcome here.

May His divine grace and endless love permeate our lives over the next few weeks.

Scripture Reading: Matthew 11:28-30

Prayer Prompt:

Say a prayer in your own words of thanksgiving for God’s graciousness.

Trusting God to use your redeemed imagination, ask: 

  • God, show me what Your table set before me looks like. 

When we sit at a table to eat, in order to be more comfortable & relaxed, we remove our coats, sit down our bags, and even empty our pockets of phones or keys. Picturing God’s table before you, pray:

  • God, I know that You invite me to sit freely & comfortably at Your table. Is there anything I am covered up with or carrying that I can put aside? 
  • Jesus is with you at the table. Imagine handing anything that came to mind over to Him. What did it look like for Jesus to take it? 
  • Was there anything you felt you couldn’t hand over? If so, ask God what He wants you to know about that – keep talking about it with Him. 

God never relieves us of burdens without revealing His gifts to us in their place. Ask:

  • God, what do You want to give me or highlight to me in place of these things that I have handed to You? What do You want me to know?

Thank God that His love is permeating your life.