Day 10: Friend Of God

Yesterday, we read about what it means to live as ones who are invited. Continuing in that vein today, let’s consider what it means to be the friends of God.

This is a perplexing notion. How can mere mortals be called friends of the Divine? What does friendship with God look like? Where is this idea in the Scriptures?

We see friendship with God all throughout the Bible – from Abraham to Moses to the disciples. Jesus Himself also said that living out His teachings means that we are His friends.

To know what friendship with God looks like, let’s consider what it means to be a friend in general. Friends talk about their lives and viewpoints. They speak and listen. Friends enjoy one another’s presence – one-on-one, and also in groups. Friends care about each other’s feelings, circumstances, and relationships. Friends offer support, guidance, and camaraderie. Friends dine together. Friends know each other at a level that acquaintances do not. In friendship, there is mutual admiration, safety, authenticity, and trust.

Friendship with God means much the same thing: conversations, time spent together, honesty, and loving support. What a gift it is that we have a God who wants to be in this kind of relationship with us today.

Scripture Reading: John 15:9-17

Prayer Prompt:

If the word “friendship” triggers you in any way, lean into the Lord here and ask Him to show you why that is. Then ask Him to give you an accurate, fresh view of what friendship looks like – with Him and others.