Day 12: Reconciled

To reconcile means to restore friendly relations. This is what Jesus secured for us through His life, death, and resurrection. I love that Paul writes in Romans 5:10 that “while we were enemies of God we were reconciled to God through Jesus”. Sit with that profound truth. 

When you and I were opposed to God, when we didn’t believe or trust Him, when we chose separation over connection, and when we lived contrary to His lifestyle, God still loved us…and He still does today regardless of your response. His love sent His only son to restore our friendship (reconcile us) with God. In humanity’s greatest attempt to separate, killing the perfect Son of God, God cleared the path for eternal union with man. Not even our worst act could dismantle the love of God for the world.

This is the good news (also known as ‘the gospel’) – God has restored friendship with humanity through Jesus! Our role is to believe the words and works of Jesus and to live in friendship with God. As we lived reconciled we are then invited to cultivate reconciliation on the earth. Paul says that we have received the ministry of reconciliation. We are to give away what we have received – the reconciled offer reconciliation to a conflict-ridden culture. 

Scripture Reading: Colossians 1:15-23 and Romans 8:31-39


  • Meditate on this truth today: “while you were an enemy of God you were reconciled (restored friendship) to God through Jesus.”
  • Who initiated the reconciliation? Who made the reconciliation possible? What is our role in living reconciled to God?
  • Ask God how you can be an agent of reconciliation in your sphere of influence today.