Day 15 – Image Bearers

During the first week of our fast, each devotional focused on what is true about God. The second week focused on what is true about you and me. This week, we will look at what is true about other people.

This is mentioned a lot at CF, but we can’t begin a week of devotionals on how we view other people without talking about how each person we encounter is one of God’s image bearers. Every person we come across was born with something beautiful to offer the world. Each person houses something that is holy and helpful to humanity.

Knowing this can shift our perspectives and opinions. Understanding that every person we encounter has propensities, strengths, and offerings that were on purpose – that were God’s idea – can help us look at people in a fresh, thankful, loving way.

As we go about the final week of our fast, let’s be intentional about remembering that each person we interact with is an image bearer of the God who created them. And while we are at it, let’s remember that we are too. May this lead to love, change, and unity in our community.

Scripture Reference: Genesis 1:26-27 and Colossians 3:9-12

Prayer Prompt:

Think about your closet. We all have a few staple pieces of clothing that are long worn out from frequent use. Sometimes, those pieces hang there unwearable and needing replaced for way too long. Yet, we definitely could make use of that coat hanger, right? And more so, we know how much we would enjoy a fresh piece of clothing to choose from instead! With people, especially those we interact with frequently, our thoughts toward them can go much this same way.

Ask: God, bring someone to mind that You want to show me Your thoughts toward.

  • When you think of this person, tell God your thoughts about them. Tell Him the truth – He already knows and He’s not angry.
  • Tell God in what ways it’s difficult for you to interact with this person.
  • Ask God to show you a picture of what it would look like if your thoughts were an old shirt. Using your redeemed imagination, picture taking that shirt and throwing it in the trash. Let God take the trash out for you.

Ask: God, show me how You see this person.

  • How do You describe them? In what ways do they bear Your image? What unique gifts have You given them? What do You love most about them?
  • God, show me some possibilities of what my interactions with this person could look like. How do You see each of our unique gifts working together to show a bigger picture of You?

Pray a blessing over this person and your interactions. Thank God for going before you to smooth the way of your next interaction.