Day 17: Loved

I’m in a local cafe as I write today’s devotional. Behind the sounds of people talking and dishes clanging, a song from the 70s is playing on the radio. It’s “Lyin’ Eyes” by the Eagles. I have love on my mind this morning, and so in an odd, unconscious twist, I’m saying lovin’ eyes as I sing it in my head. It’s the perfect way to say what I want to demonstrate today.

Loving eyes are what we can have as we walk around the earth. Not eyes that look for evil. Not eyes that cheat and scowl. Not eyes prowling in lust. Not eyes known for shiftiness. Not eyes that look down on people. Not eyes that view other’s lives with jealousy. But loving eyes.

What might happen if we approached people this week with a softer, sincere, more loving way about us? I think our days would play out differently. I think communication would improve. I think people would find trust, safety, and healing during our times together.

We can start by walking into every situation this week knowing that WE are unconditionally loved. We aren’t impressing anyone, or intimidating anybody, or wanting them to serve us and tell us our worth. No, we can go into those interactions knowing that we are already wholly loved, enough, and accepted. Then, we’ll be free to show that kind of love to the people with whom we engage.

Scripture Reading: 1 Corinthians 13:4-7

Prayer Prompt:

Pray 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 as a prayer of thanksgiving. Use your own words or follow the guide below.

  • Thank You, God, that Your love is patient with me and kind to me. You never look down on me – I am so grateful that Your forever response to me is to raise me up to heavenly places with You. You are so gracious to me. You are not waiting with glee for me to mess up, but instead, You celebrate truth shared between us as I come to know You better. Thank You that You hold all things about me – every facet of my being – in Your hands. Thank You that You believe every good thing about me and for me. Your certain hope defines my future. The first and last thing I will ever know will be Your love, for it endures.

As you meditate on how thoroughly God loves you, ask Him to fill you with joy.

  • Where do you notice the experience of joy happening in your body? What does it feel like?
  • Jot down any positive thoughts, pictures, or memories that come to mind.

Looking outward from this place of joy, ask God how you might go about sincerely loving others this week.

  • Jot down any thoughts, sensings, or ideas that come to mind.
  • Talk through anything that seems particularly big or nerve-racking with a close, trustworthy friend.
  • Take a risk and follow God wherever He’s inviting you.

Throughout the week, take notice anytime you experience joy. Thank God and ask Him for more.