Day 2: Nurturing

It seems as if there is a collective need and longing throughout the human race right now to be intentionally and personally nurtured. As we look at our own lives, as we listen to others, as we watch the news and observe behaviors, each one of us longs to be encouraged, fed, healed, trained, and supported. This has always been true, but it seems especially true this year. 

Some of us just need to be okay with our need to be nurtured. Strength, autonomy, and independence are so celebrated in our culture, that we often times look at our longing for love, guidance, and help as a sign of weakness. Let’s undo that kind of mindset during our fast. We have permission to be humans with innate needs and desires. 

Thankfully, we have a God who loves to nurture every aspect of our lives. He wants to be intimately present in every crevice of our hearts and minds. He likes to speak good things over our homes, relationships, and workplaces. He still creates new life out of what feels dead. He enjoys encouraging us onward into growth, healing, and light. He is willing to parent us all the days of our lives.

May we release the shame associated with needing to be nurtured, and may we receive God’s good care and personal attention.

Scripture Reading: Psalm 139: 1-6

Prayer Prompt:

Take a minute and pray through Psalm 139:1-6 – thank God for each way that He knows you and is with you.

Recognizing that God knows you and has been with you, ask:

  • God, remind me of a time that I experienced Your nurturing. 

Thank God for His faithful caretaking. Ask: 

  • Show me somewhere in my life that You are inviting me to receive or welcome Your nurturing.
  • Invite God into that place.

Pray a blessing over yourself and your family that any shame in receiving would be released and God’s good care & personal attention would become more and more evident.