Day 3: Creator

“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.”

Many of us have heard this phrase so many times that it has lost its wonder. This is the first line of the Bible, and it sets the stage for humanity to know and experience God as Creator. 

Have you ever considered the implications of God being Creator?

It means that God has no limitations or dead ends. When we see an obstacle or challenge, God sees infinite possibilities and solutions. Creator God reveals that beauty is important and valuable. It reveals that God loves diversity. More than diversity, He loves diversity working together to reveal unity. It illuminates our minds to the grandeur of a God that creates and holds the stars in their place while at the same time forming and holding every atom together in the universe (i.e., it takes millions of atoms to form a speck of dust; a 150-pound person is comprised of an estimated 7 billion billion billion atoms – 7 followed by 27 zeros!). Let that blow your mind for a moment. 

God’s thoughts and ways are far above our own (Isaiah 55:1-9) yet He invites us to ask Him for creative ideas, solutions, and paths that will establish His rule and reign in our homes, communities, schools, places of employment, and anywhere else we venture. 

Scripture Reading: Genesis 1:26-28 and Colossians 1:15-17


Take a moment to think about a challenge, roadblock, or problem you are facing in a relationship, at work, or anywhere else in your life. Write it down. Remind yourself that God is Creator and His thoughts and ways are higher than your own. Take a step of faith and ask God for a fresh way of seeing the problem. Ask God for a creative solution to the situation. Once again, write down what you sense God communicating. Take another step of faith by stepping out to do what you wrote down and trust God’s grace!