Day 8: Light Of The World

Our oldest son got a new flashlight for Christmas. It’s one of the strongest flashlights on the market, with multiple settings and a strobe feature. A few nights ago, our dog found a large raccoon under one of our vehicles and alerted us to the intruder by barking, growling, and altogether losing her mind. It was dark outside, so we couldn’t see what she was so upset about. My son grabbed the new flashlight and ran it out to my husband so he could take a look. Unfortunately, he turned the flashlight on its brightest setting before he handed it (with light facing outward) to his Dad. This, of course, blinded my husband completely. It was quite the scene, as everyone was screaming and scrambling because we thought our dog was being attacked by something. The person we look to for taking care of these types of things was now seeing spots and stumbling around. In the end, his eyes cleared, the raccoon ran away, and all was well.

But it got me thinking, it is true that each of us is meant to be a light in the world, such as a “city on a hill” or a “lamp on a stand”, like Matthew 14 tells us. But we should be really wise, careful, and graceful in the way that we shine our lights into a hurting world. How are we handling the light we’ve been freely given? Are we kind with it? Generous? Gentle when needed? Strong when it’s called for? Are we pridefully shining it on ourselves? Are we mindful of the way we go about shining our lights on social media, at work, and in our homes?

Over the next few weeks, let’s try to be intentional and discerning when it comes to lighting up the world with God’s truth and love.

Scripture Reading: Matthew 5:14-16

Prayer Prompt:

Take a few moments to pray through these questions:

  • Am I kind with my light? Generous? Gentle when needed? Strong when it’s called for?
  • Am I pridefully shining it on myself in any area of my life?
  • Am I mindful about the way I go about shining my light on social media, at work, and in my home?

Thank God for the light that He has so wonderfully given us, and pray that you shine it lovingly throughout the coming year.