Day 9: Invited

What would happen if we looked at everything that takes place in our lives today as an invitation? Even more, what would happen if we looked at ourselves today as ones who are INVITED?

Receiving invitations to weddings, birthdays, parties, tryouts, etc. means that we have not only been noted and seen but appreciated and pursued. It feels good when we’re included on an invite list. It feels hard when we’re excluded from one. And no doubt, we’ve all experienced both sides at some point in our lives.

Today, let’s embrace the fact that we are ALL invited to come to God. We’re invited to sit and listen and to walk and talk with Him, always. This is true no matter our past or present circumstances, and it’s really something to celebrate. No matter how many times we have felt left out, unworthy, or overlooked – we are pursued by a loving Father. Likewise, no matter how popular we have become or how awesome we have gotten at hosting things ourselves – our ultimate invitation is the one that comes from God, as He seeks to simply be with His people.

As we go through our day as ones who are invited, let’s also make sure we view each situation we find ourselves in as invitations to go deeper into the things of God.

Scripture Reading: Psalm 23

Prayer Prompt:

If you have any difficult memories of being left out or overlooked, take some time to ask the Lord what He wants you to know about those hard moments. Ask Him about how He views you. Journal what comes to mind.

Pray and ask the Lord to help you view each of today’s happenings as invitations of some sort – invitations to growth, knowledge, generosity, healing, or change. Thank Him that He pursues us so faithfully.