Ephesians 5:15-16

Be very careful, then, how you live—not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity …

“We’re going to spread Christmas cheer!” That’s how my husband started our Saturday morning conversation the week before Christmas. “We’ll make goodie bags and deliver them to people.” I wondered why we would do that because we
were going to see most of the people he was mentioning for Christmas festivities within a week. I didn’t really want to interrupt my schedule. But he was adamant that it would make people happy, so I went along. He was right. It did. More than one of those people said that little surprise made their season.

Being intentional is about making deliberate choices that reflect what is most important to us. Sometimes, it comes naturally. Sometimes, we have to be more intentional about intentionality.

When my son was a little boy, he had a Martian-making kit. You created tiny Martians by squirting colored gel into plastic molds and peeling out floppy, little, gelatinous creatures when they dried. It made such a mess!

I remember him coming into the kitchen one day carrying the Martian maker, asking to make Martians. Everything in me wanted to say, “Not now. I’m busy.” But it occurred to me that I had a choice in a seemingly insignificant moment to
intentionally give him a “yes.” I could deal with the interruption and inconvenience of a small mess to let him know that he was seen and valued. So, we made Martians.

What if moments that look like interruptions aren’t what they seem but are opportunities to selflessly bring love, joy, goodness, or hope to the people around us? What if we truly make the most of every opportunity? What if we are intentional
to make the Martians and spread the cheer?


God, what looks like an interruption in my life that is actually an invitation from You?
What are You doing today that I can join You in so that someone experiences joy, love, goodness, and hope?

Kim Wheeler

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