Growing up, my favorite place in the world was the creek that runs along my parents’ house. I would always be down there with my brother and friends, catching frogs, finding rocks, or building our little imaginative worlds in it. Now, as an adult, it is a place of peace for me to stand in my parents’ kitchen, in front of the massive windows, and lose track of time by watching the crystal clear water running over the rock beds below. I always loved it when it rained as a kid because I could stand at the windows and see the water rise. It would begin rushing and turn brown from all the churned-up sediment. Then, as the rains subsided, the overflow would leave a path of debris in its wake. But the water would eventually calm down, the sediment would sink to the bottom, and once again, you could see the crystal clear water flowing endlessly. 

Our souls operate much like that rushing creek bed, and our lives operate much like the rains stirring it up. Whether a big rainfall or a little one, our lives are constantly shaken up by the events of the day. Whether we’re students juggling class, homework, a job, and sports, parents rushing one kid to an event while simultaneously trying to get dinner on the table, or business owners juggling team dynamics while also trying to grow, life has quite an ability to keep us stirred up. The sediment and debris stir all around us in the form of busyness, emotions, responsibilities, tasks, relationships, or inner thought life. Rarely, if ever, do we give the rushing rivers of our life the time to slow down, to rest, so that the sediment stands still, we can see clearly and navigate life a little more peacefully. We are much more accustomed to letting the
river rush, leading to an unclear and cluttered connection to ourselves and God. 

But this is the purpose of this fast, to build spiritual disciples or rhythms of connection between us and the Prince of Peace. This fast is not about adding more to our lives but giving us space to connect with what matters most and ensure we are living most alive.

So don’t rush through these devos. Don’t rush through today. Learn the unforced rhythms of grace and what it is like to stand peacefully along the river of God as He flows in and out of your life. And let the sediment of your soul give way to the crystal clear waters of His love. 

Let’s take 5 minutes to simply just rest in silence so our sediment-covered souls can see clearly again. And let the sound of silence be the comfort of God’s Presence to you.


Set a timer on your phone or watch for 5 minutes and just sit in silence. No music. No headphones. Just you and Him. You will likely find this difficult or even awkward. Bring your heart and mind back to silence if it wanders. Receive the gift of peace today.

Richie Christie

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