Let’s do more lifting this year. Whoa! Who am I to say that to anyone? I know nothing of anyone’s total daily activity, work, play, or exercise. So, I speak not of these things. I will speak to myself about the type of lifting I want to increase in my life this year, and you can determine if you would like to join me in more lifting.

I am speaking of the lifting that God does continually.

Psalm 3:3 says He is “the lifter of my head.” What a loving thing to do. Can I lift someone’s head and love on them?

How many ways can we be a ‘lifter’ to our family, our friends, and strangers? What about our church family: those who preach, those who teach, those who administer, those who provide maintenance, and those who volunteer? It doesn’t take much: a hello, a pat on the back, a card, a phone call.

I am determined to do more lifting this year. God lifts us up. He wants us to be lifters as well. May the Lord give us His eyes to see the opportunities right in front of us.


God, open my eyes to the people who are right in front of me and show me who I can encourage and lift up today.

John Mitchell

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