Day 21: Connected

We are connected with all of humanity as creations of God that bear His image.

Day 20: Teachers And Revealers

The next time you find yourself reacting instead of responding, don’t slip into condemnation or frustration. Allow your interaction to be a teacher that can then guide you into a conversation of confession and mind change with God.

Day 19: Incarnate Opportunity

The life and faith that Jesus invites us into are not merely a philosophy or knowledge to embrace. Jesus is the incarnation of God, meaning He embodied the fullness of God on earth as in heaven.

Day 18: Family

Thankfully, it’s always a good time to turn towards those people God has placed in our sphere - to really see and value them, to really know who they are and what they are about.

Day 17: Loved

What might happen if we approached people this week with a softer, sincere, more loving way about us? I think our days would play out differently.

Day 16: Hurting

We are wise and mature when we refuse to judge, and rather, consider that there is much underneath the surface that is influencing each life.

Day 15 – Image Bearers

Every person we come across was born with something beautiful to offer the world. Each person houses something that is holy and helpful to humanity.

Day 14: Uniquely Different

You were created to reveal God in a specific way that no other human being could.

Day 13: Ambassador

Our work is to believe and collaborate with the King of the Kingdom to see His will done on earth as in heaven.

Day 12: Reconciled

When you and I were opposed to God, when we didn’t believe or trust Him, when we chose separation over connection, and when we lived contrary to His lifestyle, God still loved us…and He still does today regardless of your response.