Years ago, I led a group of middle and high school youth at a week-long summer camp. One evening, we departed for the cafeteria, and I noticed a frog in a busy walkway. Remembering my experiences (and brashness) as a teenager, I asked my volunteers to take our kids to dinner while I scooped up the tiny frog and began to transport it into the woods. As we walked, the scared frog began to try to jump from my hands. When this happened, I gently shook the frog back into the safety of my palms. The frog got more frantic as we walked along; eventually, I had to clasp my hands around him gently. This calmed the frog and allowed me to place him in the woods safely.

That evening, the Holy Spirit reminded me that I am often like that scared little frog. He kindly helped me remember times when He had “scooped me up” in an effort to transport me to a better, safer place. I recollected how frantic I was during these times, how often I tried to jump from the safety of His hands, and how He protected me throughout these journeys. Using a tiny frog, a busy intersection, and a safe landing spot, God opened my eyes to the depths of His amazing love, His desire for our absolute best, and His strength in times that feel a little scary. If you’re on a journey like this, consider how you might fit into the story of a scared little frog and lean into the amazing truth from Jeremiah 29:11 – “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.”


Father, Son, and Spirit – I trust Your ways, but like the scared little frog, I confess that I often get frantic as things rapidly change around me. In these times of “scooping up,” help me remember that Your hands are what transport me to safer, better places. And as I listen to Your voice, guide me in these journeys, reveal Your glorious Presence, and give me faith to know that my destination is ultimately part of Your plan for my good, my future, and my hope. Amen.

Harold Horne

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